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Services DJ offers

  • Web Design

    web design

    DJ can design your site from start to finish, or he can take your existing site and give it a fresh modern look that will utilize todays technology.

    DJ now uses HTML5 and CSS3 which are todays cutting edge features that are still in development. The difference is knowing what features are supported already with todays modern web browsers, and what to do if your browser doesn't support those features.

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

    3d modeling and animation

    DJ specializes in taking a companies logo or product, and turning it into 3D Animation. This can be used for the web, inside powerpoint presentations, in Holograms, on business cards, or anywhere else you can think. When your logo or product needs some dimension to bring it to life, DJ is your man!

  • Power Point Presentations

    Power Point Presentations

    Need a nice clean, professional looking presentation for your perspective clients or in-house training? Look no further, DJ can provide you a presentation with anything from audio to video included.